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We are pleased to see #obesity being prioritised by @EU_Commission and @DGSante in the published EU Non-Communicable Diseases Initiative. Thank you to @EASOObesity for their contribution. Full report here: buff.ly/3xKiPgw #OPENEU pic.twitter.com/Xi1grl1lql
'Urgent change is needed to ensure wider recognition of #obesity as a complex chronic condition which requires a whole-systems approach to care at an EU level. Read more on how OPEN-EU is working to implement a cross-cutting policy approach here rb.gy/6mnbwv #OPENEU
It was great to hear @SylFreedman from @Endoactive share her experience living with #endometriosis during our #ECO2022 panel discussion and how advocacy efforts led to positive policy changes. Missed our session? Watch here:buff.ly/3N5vukK pic.twitter.com/nZfx4XLNDY
Listen to Sarah Bramblette's personal experience dealing with stigma, discrimination and obesity. @Born2lbFat Available on Apple and Spotify: buff.ly/3LLouZ7 pic.twitter.com/oOBz3wgh1o
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Apply by Monday, 23rd May for the 2022 @EASOobesity Masterclass Series in the Prevention and Management of Obesity easo.org/education/easo… @EASOobesityECN @Busetto_Luca @RCGP @EUSWEET2 #obesity #HCP pic.twitter.com/HcmwQgCJ9j
Missed our OPEN panel at ECO 2022? Watch now and hear insights on how work in other fields can help inform policy change in obesity. buff.ly/3MwzZEq #obesitypolicy #OPENObesity pic.twitter.com/aIDUGZaDR9
"Stigma itself is a public health issue" Listen in to hear expert insights from Prof Rebecca Puhl on stigma, discrimination and obesity on our latest OPEN Conversation podcast episode. Available on Apple and Spotify: buff.ly/3LLouZ7 pic.twitter.com/ouJWrgOO5B
Missed our OPEN panel at ECO 2022? Watch now and gain insights on advocacy efforts outside of obesity with inspiring guest speakers from the HIV and mental health fields and learn how this work can help inform change in obesity policies. buff.ly/3lbKOjt #OPENObesity pic.twitter.com/EMqrjHmmKz
The @ObesityAction's Your Weight Matters Virtual Convention starts today! Don’t miss out, there’s still time to register! Head to buff.ly/3wooJSb NOW for access. pic.twitter.com/XRcEwzpLzt

Covid-19 and obesity

During Covid-19, the OPEN global network remains united in our goal to support improved care for people living with obesity. Working with our Global partners and network, we are focused on facilitating the sharing of insights on how people with obesity are being impacted by Covid-19, as well as advocating for people with obesity to be prioritised by health systems now, and in the future.

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