The Need for A Strategic, System-Wide Approach to Obesity Care

The White Paper uncovers current knowledge levels and perceptions of obesity and delves into how this impacts decisions and care delivery.

Closing the gaps in obesity care: The need for a strategic, system-wide approach panel discussion.

This panel discusses how advocates, policymakers, and decision-makers can address current challenges in obesity and inform a health system response that delivers effective action against obesity.

One Billion

The One Billion report provides an overview of the current challenges and barriers to obesity care and discusses the impact that our current approach to obesity has on the individual, society and the economy. It aims to challenge misconceptions and provide tangible recommendations for policy action in support of informed decision-making and  access to long-term care for people living with obesity.

Covid-19 and obesity

During Covid-19, the OPEN global network remains united in our goal to support improved care for people living with obesity. Working with our Global partners and network, we are focused on facilitating the sharing of insights on how people with obesity are being impacted by Covid-19, as well as advocating for people with obesity to be prioritised by health systems now, and in the future.

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The economic impact of obesity is not limited to healthcare costs alone. Indirect costs of obesity include premature mortality, disability and loss of economic productivity which accounts for over half of the total economic impact of obesity. Many countries have an economic cost of overweight and obesity projected to exceed US $100 billion in 2026.

One billion report



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