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Official website of World Cancer Day by UICC | 4 February Official website of World Cancer Day by UICC | 4 February
Europe accounts for 25% of the world’s cancer cases and the percentage of new cancer cases is higher in Europe than the global average. Today every single one of us has the ability to make a difference with #WorldCancerDay. Help #CloseTheCareGap 👉pulse.ly/nf2bru82io
OPEN Copenhagen Meeting: Key Reflections OPEN Copenhagen Meeting: Key Reflections
Last October, we had the opportunity to connect in person with our global network of experts to identify challenges and new ways to accelerate global #policy change related to #obesity. See some of the highlights here: youtube.com/watch?v=T8s6mo…
Covid-19 and Obesity - Obesity OPEN Covid-19 and Obesity - Obesity OPEN
While we start shaping policies for 2023 and beyond, we wanted to remind ourselves of key learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure these were taken into account when steering the direction of #obesity policy. Revisit our calls for action: obesityopen.org/covid-19-and-o…
In case you missed it: Our policy position statements outline what actions we have taken to change the way #obesity is viewed and managed in Europe. Read more here: bit.ly/3hqtKYM #OPEN_EU
World Obesity Day 4 March 2023 | World Obesity Federation World Obesity Day 4 March 2023 | World Obesity Federation
We look forward to @WorldObesityDay 2023. With important conversations and real stories being shared, together we can push and mobilise policy initiatives to turn words into action. Find out more here: bit.ly/3YpWoK0 #WorldObesityDay
The #OPEN Conversation podcast goes beyond exploring the causes and impact of #obesity. Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify: buff.ly/31dU7sU pic.twitter.com/kNPm3MdhYk
What better way to kickstart 2023 than working on our #obesity #policy action plans. Thank you to @EASOobesity, @ECPObesity, @EUREGHA, @novonordisk and @efad_org for their contributions. Watch this space for our updated manifesto: obesityopen.org/open-eu-overvi… #OPENEU pic.twitter.com/5RotkvnY0R
We hope you had a restful break and look forward to what 2023 will bring in terms of changes in #obesity policy, management and care. Learn more about OPEN and our work here: obesityopen.org pic.twitter.com/zSwzetD3V3
OPEN Overview OPEN Overview
We are excited to share our new OPEN overview video which showcases the network's objectives, our existing stakeholders, current focus areas and global impact. Watch here to learn more about OPEN and our global initiative: youtu.be/ls2diVnWG9s

Covid-19 and obesity

During Covid-19, the OPEN global network remains united in our goal to support improved care for people living with obesity. Working with our Global partners and network, we are focused on facilitating the sharing of insights on how people with obesity are being impacted by Covid-19, as well as advocating for people with obesity to be prioritised by health systems now, and in the future.

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