The Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines

6 July 2020: Obesity Canada released their much anticipated Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines, providing evidence-based and experience-based, patient-centred framework for healthcare professionals, patients and policy makers. They represent the first comprehensive update in Canadian obesity guidelines since 2007, and perhaps the most extensive review of published evidence yet conducted in obesity worldwide.

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Embedding obesity in learning curricula

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Setting up multidisciplinary centers for obesity

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Lessons from COVID-19

In light of the growing body of evidence emerging from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that the urgency to address access to effective obesity management through the life course is now greater than ever before. Multiple studies have now shown that having obesity increases a person’s risk of severe illness from COVID-19, but there are inconsistencies regarding risk in pandemic preparedness guidelines and planning documents around the world.

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OPEN Best Practice Education Webinar_Guidance Report – 6 Steps to Embed Obesity in Local Learning Curricula

As part of the OPEN Best Practice Webinar series, Dr Robert Kushner shared his expert opinion on Embedding Obesity in Learning Curricula as part of the OPEN Best Practice Webinar series.

Inspired by this discussion, this document outlines 6 Steps to Embed Obesity in Local Learning Curricula and identifies ways in which obesity can be integrated in learning curricula across obesity-related professions to support more effective and informed care for people with obesity.

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