It’s time we had an open conversation about obesity!

This podcast series goes beyond the stats to explore the causes and impact of obesity, and the big questions surrounding obesity policy, prevention and care.

Hear from researchers, healthcare professionals and people living with obesity from across the globe as they share their thoughts, insights and experiences.

So tune in and join the OPEN conversation. Let’s talk about obesity!


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Current episodes

Obesity Perception: Cultural Differences

Perceptions of obesity can greatly differ across cultures and regions.

In this episode, our guests explore the perceptions of obesity outside mainstream views, and delve into how these differences impact obesity care and management.

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Informing Obesity Policy

While obesity has been recognised as a disease for several decades by the World Health Organisation, little changes have taken place at a policy level to manage and treat obesity as a chronic relapsing disease.

In this episode, our guests explore effective and novel ways to inform obesity policies worldwide.

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Stigma, Discrimination and Obesity: The implications

While obesity is recognised as a chronic relapsing disease by most key international organisations, including the WHO, some people still consider obesity to be a lifestyle choice. As a result, there is strong evidence of bias against people living with obesity.

In this episode, our guests will explore the consequences of weight bias, obesity stigma and discriminatory implications for people living with obesity in the context of areas such as healthcare, education and employment. 

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Recognition of obesity as a disease; implications for policy and care

Despite growing recognition of obesity being a chronic disease, the overpowering narrative exhibited in policies, media and public commentary remains rooted in the misperception that obesity is a lifestyle choice that can be solved by taking up healthier habits and exhibiting willpower.

In this episode, our guests will explore the recognition of obesity as a chronic disease and the potential implications of this on government strategies for obesity treatment and management.

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