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OPEN Academy Webinar

Harnessing the power of the lived experience

On Zoom, 13/11/2023

Register to attend OPEN’s third capacity building webinar: ‘Harnessing the power of the lived experience’.

In this webinar we will explore perspectives on; current patient involvement in the policy-making process, roles in consultation, thoughts on the developments of patient-led coalitions and overall identify what can be done to bring about better practice when working towards obesity policy goals.

We invite you to join us to:

  • Hear real examples of patient involvement within consultation, policymaking and patient-led coalitions regarding obesity to date
  • Identify best practices in countries/regions – assess what they are doing well and discuss how to apply these universally
  • Raise awareness and understanding of how non-patient networks and organisations can support the creation of patient networks, or improve patient involvement


OPEN is a partnership programme initiated and funded by Novo Nordisk to improve obesity care internationally. This webinar has been organized by the Obesity Policy Engagement Network (OPEN) Secretariat.